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Livaware is a nurse-led team that builds personal healthcare ecosystems around people and their loved ones. We combine clinical excellence, coordination, and empathy to provide an unrivalled experience. Our carefully crafted health team expertly deliver consistent health care and sick care. This is how healthcare should be, personal.

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Refusing to be pigeonholed into one facet of healthcare, our versatility is held together by operational excellence and an innovative mindset.

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Health Concierge

A one-of-a-kind, subscription-based, nurse-led advisory and healthcare service available to individuals, families and businesses; to reduce the mental, logistical and emotional load when navigating healthcare.

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Clinical Home Care

We pride ourselves on filling the gaps in people's healthcare. Our nurse-led clinical team provides expert preventative, rehabilitative and palliative care; ensuring the patient is at the heart of all decision making.

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Functional Health Coaching

Our Health coaches work with clients to create personalised plans and provide support, guidance, and accountability as the clients work towards their health-related goals.

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We hear much of the importance of nursing, and for me Hemmen is testament to its vital importance. Should I fall ill again I would scream, stamp my foot and call for Hemmen. Stephen Fry

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