Clinical Home Care

Your personal healthcare team, by your side, whenever and wherever you need us

Our nurse-led team provides expert clinical care where you feel most comfortable – at home

Whether you need us to visit your home at scheduled times, on a duty shift or on a live in basis, we pride ourselves on filling the gaps in people's healthcare.

Our nurse-led concierge team provides expert preventative, rehabilitative, and palliative care.


Our integrated clinical team provide a wide range of preventative services direct to patients or on behalf of their own practitioners.
We are able to provide many clinical tasks, tests and procedures from the comfort of patients homes.


Our expert team are on hand to check for signs of infection, change wound dressings, monitor catheters and stomas, and advise on exercise, nutrition and pain management.
We also provide regular nurse coach check-ins and advocacy for patients with complex health issues


Our comprehensive palliative support provides a 24/7 service to patients and their relatives.

We are able to handle all aspects from care coordination to symptom management, allowing family to just be family.

Our care services are always provided with a coaching mindset for clients to regain independence as soon as possible; essentially, you pay to not need us.

How it works

We Listen

Everyones experience of healthcare is different. Firstly, we take the time to clearly understand your needs.

We Advise

We give our initial honest thoughts; including if you can get what you need with the NHS and if we think we can help. If we cannot, we help guide you to someone who can.

We Treat

Our expert team visit homes, hotels and care homes to provide a wide range of clinical home care tasks from simple wound dressings to full hospital at home care.

We Care

We are committed to providing the right care, at the right times in the right way.

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